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Video (Studio Production)

Faculty presentations that used advanced video production as their choice of the instructional tool:

  1. Randall Swain - Max Weber’s Three Basis of Legitimate Authority
  2. Heather Adams-Blair - Intro to the Autobiography Assignment
  3. Jennifer Fairchild - Course Introduction
  4. Theresa Botts - Forensic Assessment Interview
  5. Steve Barracca - Introduction to the course, POL 357: American Political Thought
  6. Bill Phillips - Four Keys of Educational Leadership
  7. Eileen Shanahan - Author's Craft Demonstration
  8. Misty Whitaker - Course Introduction
  9. Aaron Sciascia - Joint Mobilization as a Rehabilitation Technique
  10. MyraBeth Bundy - Autism Spectrum Disorder and the ADOS-2
  11. Paul Paolucci - The Social Imagination
  12. Arie May - Active Reading Strategies: Annotating
  13. Luv’Tesha Robertson - Introduction to the First-Year Courses
  14. Joel Cormier - Course Introduction (featuring Marcus)
  15. Segbegnon Gnonhossou - Foundations for Interracial Understanding and Reconciliation
  16. Karen Hood - Introduction to MKT 301
  17. Elizabeth Crane - Course Introduction
  18. Stacey J. Korson - Selecting Quality Children's Literature for Literacy Instruction
  19. Pat Woods - Health Disparities
  20. Stella Ann Burns - Classroom Assessment for Student Learning
  21. Catherine M. Beechie - The Equal Sign
  22. Ogechi Emmanuel Anyanwu - Deconstructing Misconceptions about Africa
  23. Alix Heintzman - Introduction to AFA studies
  24. John Strada - Interpersonal Interaction Distances
  25. William Rutherford - Assignment Introduction: Supermarket Challenge
  26. Jason Peerce - Course Introduction CRE 301
  27. David Freet - Course Introduction
  28. Carl Root - Module introduction for PLS-375 Terrorism course. The focus of this module is Definitions of Terrorism and associated issues. He used a recording from the studio and iMovie to create this video to introduce the topic and also to increase his own presence in the course.
  29. Jacqueline Kohl - Passive Verbs. From authors as diverse as E.B. White to Stephen King, a common writing cry arises. Eliminate passive verbs as much as possible. See five ways to the tiny villains of “who am,” “who is,” “who was,” and “who were” who haunt sentences.
  30. Amy Marshall - Needs Assessment. The video will provide students with background knowledge necessary to prepare for the design of their needs assessments for their Capstone projects. It will use voice-over, video, and screenshot images to provide students with background knowledge necessary to prepare for the design of their needs assessments for their Capstone projects.
  31. Betsy Matthews - Pictorial History of Correctional Rehabilitation. It is intended to be used in COR 850, Offender Rehabilitation Strategies and is designed to introduce students to the ideologies that have shaped correctional practice, particularly as it relates to strategies aimed at changing, or controlling, the behavior of persons under correctional supervision.
  32. Karole Spangler - Visual and Verbal Script. Dr. Spangler demonstrated a video that combine stills with brief live shots and has a voice over with music behind.
  33. Nancye Davis - Video introduction to the EMC Portal for the EMC Program e-campus Degree Completion Associate and Bachelor degrees. It is a welcome page with the explanation of the site and a little history of the program.
  34. Troy Rawlings - Using video with PowerPoint images to create the introduction to Occupational Safety and Health 366 course Hazard Identification and Control. In the video, he introduces himself to the students, tells them a little about himself, describes what the course is.
  35. Dariusz Wolman - Using video to create instruction for a project in his EMC 400 course. The video, which uses instructor video, document images, and screen shots, demonstrates how students should complete a Risk-Management Audit.
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