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Faculty presentations that used ThingLink as their choice of the instructional tool:

  1. Wanda France - Anatomy of the Brain
  2. Debbie Vonnahme - Family Solutions Model
  3. Jennifer Tauziac - A Research Report Dissected
  4. Catherine Herdman - Where and What is Appalachia?
  5. Carolyn Jauco-Trott - What would you do? Recognizing Hazards in an Emergency
  6. Qian Xiao - Overview of Strategic Management Process
  7. Audrey Brock - Linear Regression
  8. Treva Macy - How to Create a Mind Map
  9. Jessica Harber - Pythagorean Theorem
  10. Jess Stanfill Hall - MLA Interactive Image
  11. Karin Sehmann - Guitar Introduction
  12. Chengyi Zhang - Introduction to Construction
  13. Laurel Schwartz - Course and Program Introduction
  14. Beth Polin - Course Introduction MGT 301
  15. Ida Kumoji-Ankrah - Lecture: The Design Process
  16. Phyllis Leigh - Module 1 of Stress Management and Self-Care. This project will showcase the first module of SWK 344, Stress Management and Self-Care which is a course that meets the University wellness requirement. The image has a video, syllabus, links to readings, a PowerPoint presentation, and audio recordings embedded. 
  17. Randi Polk - Le Monde Francophone. Dr. Polk demonstrated a Thinglink lesson. The lesson will present information on the French-speaking world with many different types of media included.
  18. Timothy Smit - Battle of Hastings, Arms and Armor, and Oaths of Harold. Specifically, he presented nine images as well as provide the audience with a short video to introduce working with images in ThingLink.
  19. Michelle Gremp - Blending the use of Thinglink and SoundCloud in her demonstration on how to use an audiometer for the purpose of conducting a hearing examination. The interactive resource will be used in her SED courses.
  20. Mary Lamar - Using SoundClound and Thinglink to create a summary lecture on Organic Functional Groups. Each image of an organic group is supported by an audio segment from Dr. Lamar explaining the chemical structure.
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