PD2 – Online Course Development and Teaching Certificate Program

Spring 2023 Dates:  February 6 – March 31

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The Office of e-Campus Learning is offering a Certificate Program in Online Course Development and Teaching. Having studied a number of quality professional development and training programs and researched best practices, The Instructional Design Center (IDC) has developed a professional development certificate program designed to encourage and support best practices in online teaching.

This is a rigorous 8-week hybrid program that will require high levels of engagement and participation, with the goal of facilitating the use of best practices by faculty in online course development and teaching. The program will be in a hybrid format with two required online meetings, along with online coursework each week.

What Will be Included in the Program’s Content?

Topics covered in the course will include:

  • Methods of enhancing teacher presence and student engagement
  • Writing measurable course and module objectives
  • Designing effective assessment strategies
  • Designing and engaging in pedagogically sound blogs, wikis, journals, and discussion boards
  • Developing short faculty videos that students actually want to watch
  • How to give students what they want – affirmation and meaningful feedback in a timely manner
  • Understanding the instructor’s role in retention strategies/processes you can use to get students across the finish line
  • Discussion of copyright and academic integrity, The Quality Matters® Rubric, Universal Design, Mobile Learning and other topics. 

Course Goal

The goal of the program is to facilitate the use of best practices by faculty in online course development and teaching. That leads to the delivery of high-quality online courses that distinguishes EKU as one of the premier universities in online teaching in the nation.        

Who Should Participate/Register?

The target audience for this Certificate Program is faculty who are:

  • currently developing an e-Campus or online course;
  • planning to develop an online course in the next six to nine  months; and/or
  • teaching an online course.

Faculty who are new to online teaching or have taught online courses for fewer than three years are strongly encouraged to complete the program.  Veteran online faculty are also encouraged to attend due to the likelihood that new information, approaches, and innovations will be introduced.

What is the Format of the Program?

This will be a hybrid course, with two online meetings, with the remaining activities being delivered fully online. The training can be characterized as highly “hands-on” and engaging, with faculty expected to complete assignments and participate in discussion boards, group exercises, and other interactive exercises. Assignments will involve completing projects and learning teaching strategies that faculty will employ in their respective classes. For example, you will be asked to design a wiki, journal, or blogging exercise that you can use in your online courses. You will also be asked to develop a video/audio product that is used to convey knowledge and/or teach skills that are important to learning outcomes in the faculty member’s course.

What are the Expectations of Faculty?

This is a rigorous 8-week program that will include high levels of engagement and participation. The course will have assessments and assignments each week, and participants are expected to complete multiple short projects, at least one of which can be “showcased” to members of the university community. If there are any doubts about being able to commit the necessary time to this program, faculty should not register. The course will facilitate the work that is essential to developing an online course. Therefore, if participants are engaged in course development, this program will complement the other course development activities taking place.

What are the Criteria for Participation?

To participate and successfully complete the Certificate Program faculty:

  • Must be a faculty or staff member at EKU.
  • Should either currently teaching online or preparing to teach an online course in the next 6-9 months.
  • Must be willing to complete all aspects and assignments associated with the eight-week course.
  • Must attend all of the two online sessions.
  • Must be willing to devote 7-10 hours per week to completing the assignments and engaging in the course.
  • Priority will be given to faculty who are in the early development stages of an online course.

Note: Faculty may not be granted reassigned time since this is a professional development opportunity.

Who can take PD2?

This course is open to the EKU faculty and staff. There are no prerequisites. 

What are the dates of the online sessions?

  • Monday, February 6 from 9:00 a.m. – 11 a.m.:  Introduction to the  course (online via Zoom)
  • Friday, March 31 from 8:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.: Final project presentations (online via Zoom)

What are Professional Development Resources Provided for Completing this Program?

Every full-time faculty member who successfully completes the IDC’s Online Course Development and Teaching Certificate Program will receive a $250 allowance that can be used to seek additional professional development designed to enhance teaching skills. Funds can be applied to registration fees and/or travel-related costs (i.e., transportation, accommodations). In particular, faculty are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities delivered by the Online Learning Consortium (formerly Sloan Consortium), The University of Wisconsin’s Distance Teaching & Learning Conference, and Lilly Conferences on College and University Teaching & Learning. Funds can be used for additional professional development activities (e.g., webinars) provided that the purpose is related to improvements in teaching. These funds will be provided and administered by the Office of e-Campus Learning.

How to Enroll in PD2?

Please complete this form to enroll in PD2 – Online Course Development and Teaching Academy. Once we receive your inquiry, we will email you directions on how to access the course. Please contact chris.daniel@eku.edu if you have any questions.