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The “Introduction to Blackboard” is a self-paced online professional development course for anyone who wishes to learn the tools and functionality of EKU’s Blackboard learning management system.

This is a comprehensive online course that consists of a series of interactive tutorials on how to create and use various Blackboard tools and functions.

Some of the topics covered in this course include:

  • Early course logistics
  • Course content creation (items, folders, adding files)
  • Course assignment creation (quizzes, assignments, discussion boards, blogs, wikis, journals)
  • Course communication
  • Grading 

The time commitment for completing this course is estimated to be between 6-10 hours. This is a self-paced online course without required face-to-face meetings. 

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Locate and populate your online course shell.
  • Create various types of assessments such as quizzes, assignments, blogs, wikis, etc.
  • Utilize various communication tools to maintain a connection with your students.
  • Grade student’s assignments with greater precision and efficiency.

Why should I take PD1 – Introduction to Blackboard?

PD1 – Introduction to Blackboard is intended for faculty, staff, course facilitators, and teaching assistants who want to broaden their teaching experience and delve into the world of distance education. This is the first step in that process. This course will help you acquire the technical knowledge necessary to create your first course in EKU’s Blackboard LMS. The course graduates who complete this course will receive a certificate of completion.

Who can take PD1?

This course can be taken by the EKU faculty, staff, course facilitator, or teaching assistants and it does not have any prerequisites. 

How long does it take to complete PD1?

This course starts at the beginning of each academic semester and concludes on at the end. You can take as long as you want to complete the course, but you should complete it before the course closing date. The course will remain available after it ends, but the course content will not be updated. 

How do I enroll in PD1?

Please complete this form to enroll in PD – Introduction to Blackboard. Once we receive your inquiry, we will email you directions on how to access the course.

I have completed PD1. What now?

After you complete PD1 – Introduction to Blackboard, we strongly encourage you to register for our PD2 – Online Course Development and Teaching Certificate Program. PD2 is an eight-week hybrid course that focuses on course design and teaching strategies necessary to be successful in the online classroom.