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VoiceThread Instructor Accounts
To Activate VT within a Blackboard Course
To Add a VT to a Course
To Share a Previously Created VT with a Class
To Create & Share a VT with a Class
VoiceThread Video Tutorials
VoiceThread Support

VoiceThread Instructor Accounts

VoiceThread EKU Instructor accounts are created automatically through Blackboard upon initial access of a Voicethread link within a Blackboard course module. Instructors should be aware of the following:

  • Instructors must set up and access VoiceThread through each desired Blackboard course to have it added to their MyVoice list.
  • After authenticating your account through Blackboard, you may access VoiceThread directly by browsing to (Note: We encourage the creation of Blackboard VoiceThread links for every VoiceThread students will be required to view and comment on.)

To Activate VT within a Blackboard Course

The video tutorial for activating VT can be found at

  1. In the Course Management menu, select Customization
  2. Click Tool Availability
    Blackboard Course Management
  3. On the Tool Availability page, select the box associated with VoiceThread Tool Availability
  4. Click Submit

To Add a VT to a Course

The video tutorial for adding a VT to a course can be found at The tutorial for activating a link can be found at

  1. Click Tools
  2. Click VoiceThread
    Add a VoiceThread
  3. Complete the Name and Description fields (Note: You cannot have line breaks or multiple paragraphs within the Description field.)
  4. Click Submit (Note: A link will appear within Blackboard with the provided information, see below.) VT Course Link
  5. To set up the VoiceThread link, click the title
  6. Within the VoiceThread Setup menu, select the desired option and complete the setup options. To learn more about the following options, browse to
    • Course View - Directs students to the course page within VoiceThread. Students will see all VoiceThreads associated with the course.
    • VT Home - Directs students to their myVoice page. They can navigate throughout VoiceThread and all associated courses.
    • Individual VT - Displays a selected VoiceThread within the Blackboard site that students can comment on.
    • Assignment Builder - Directs students through a graded assignment. An associated column appears within the Blackboard Grade Center, and grading occurs within Bb. (Note: Grading must be turned on in the initial creation of the VoiceThread link for this option to be available.)
      VT Setup
      A video tutorial about the assignment builder is available at

To Share a Previously Created VT with a Class

  1. From VT Home, click the list icon on the left-hand side of the page
    VT Home
  2. ​Click Owned by me
    VT Owned by me
  3. Drag and drop desired VTs from the right-hand panel into the correct class under Groups
    VT Drag Share
  4. Complete the desired sharing options and click Share
    VT Group Share

To Create & Share a VT With a Class

  1. Navigate to the VoiceThread link and click the title
    VT Link
  2. Click Create new VoiceThread
    create new
  3. Either click Add Media and select files OR drag-and-drop files onto the screen
    add media
    (Note: VoiceThread accepts images, video, documents, PDF, and PowerPoint files. You can also record a video directly to VoiceThread.)
  4. On the Thread Settings window Title/Description tab, complete the Title, Description, and Tags fields.
  5. On the Cover Art tab, upload a desired image for the presentation’s cover
  6. After uploading your PowerPoint slides, click Comment

    (Note: You will be redirected to a different screen that will display each slide individually.)
  7. Click Comment
    create new comment
  8. Click the desired comment type
    comment type
  9. If a message box appears, click Allow
  10. Click the stop button when you have completed your narration
  11. Click Save to save and publish your comment
  12. Narrate each desired slide by completing steps 5-9
  13. Click X when you have completed your narrations
  14. Click Share with Class
    share with class
  15. Click Share with Class
    share with class


VoiceThread Video Tutorials

The following tutorials cover the same information as the written instructions above, but in a video format.

VoiceThread Support

For more information on creating and editing VoiceThreads, browse to the VoiceThread Support page.

Published on July 28, 2014

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