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Instructional Development Center

Dr. LeAnn Beaty's Evolution of Municipal Public Budgeting in America Timeline

evolution of municipal public budgeting in america eku idc

Join us today as we take a look at an interactive timeline created by Dr. LeAnn Beaty. The timeline, Evolution of Municipal Public Budgeting in America, features interactive dates and interesting facts about different eras.

Click here to view the timeline

David Fifer - Blood Flow Through the Heart

blood flow through the heart adaptive reality eku idc

Join us as we take a look at Mr. David Fifer's Adaptive Reality video about blood flow through the human heart.

Click here to view the video

Karole Spangler - Visual and Verbal Script


Join us this week as we take a look at Dr. Karole Spangler's Visual and Verbal Script video. Click here to view the video.

Catherine M. Beechie - The Equal Sign

the equal sign lightboard eku idc

See Catherine M. Beechie use the interactive lightboard to explain the equal sign in this faculty showcase feature! View the video here.

Faculty Showcase: Introduction to the Eye and Aqueous Humor

introduction to the eye adaptive reality eku idc

Dr. Barbara Davis takes us on a journey inside the eyeball with Augmented Reality. You can actually see certain parts of the eye rendered in concert with Dr. Davis holding the render. View the video.

Faculty Showcase: Prison Reform

prison reform video eku idc

This week, we are featuring Dr. Betsy Matthews' video on prison reform. Dr. Matthews demonstrated a narrated pictorial history of correctional rehabilitation. It is intended to be used in COR 850, Offender Rehabilitation Strategies and is designed to introduce students to the ideologies that have shaped correctional practice, particularly as it relates to strategies aimed at changing, or controlling, the behavior of persons under correctional supervision.

Click here to view the video

William Rutherford - Supermarket Challenge

supermarket challenge video eku idc

See Dr. William Rutherford's amazing project on foods in the supermarket! He explains food quality, cost, and availability -- with a few comedic elements to keep the audience engaged! View his project by clicking this link!

Dr. Jess Stanfill Hall - MLA Interactive Image

MLA thinglink interactive

Dr. Jess Stanfill Hall used Thinglink to make an interactive exercise reviewing MLA style. This interactive exercise includes other reference images and video explaining MLA concepts. Thinglink is often used to detail more information about images in the form of hyperlinks, text, images, and video.

Click here to view the exercise

Dr. Amber Chatelain - History of the American Family

history of the american family

Dr. Amber Chatelain produced a TimelineJS presentation about the History of the American Family before 1776. This interactive timeline allows users to interact with items on the timeline, displaying information and explanations.

Click here to view the timeline

Faculty Showcase - IDC Top Picks

David Cunningham -Using Voicethread to provide student with a description of WIK

This week we are showcasing Dr. David Cunningham's use of VoiceThread in an online course. Dr. Cunningham uses Voicethread to provide student with a description of a complex WIKI assignment near the middle of the course. You can view the video here

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