Examity (online proctoring) FAQ

NOTE: Faculty interested in live proctoring for F2F courses needs to contact Samantha Pierce in Academic Testing.

EKU has partnered with Examity to provide online proctoring for exams any time an instructor desires to maintain the integrity of a quiz or exam.

What is online proctoring?
Online proctoring is a service universities and others are using with more frequency to ensure exam integrity. The reality is a minority of students and test takers cheat. Cheaters may employ a variety of methods to get ahead on an exam. Proctoring deters cheating by authenticating all students and also potentially recording personal computer activity during an exam. In some instances, Examity provides a human monitor who witnesses every exam taken by students in a course.

Cheating is not the only reason to employ a proctor. Sometimes technical problems arise during an online exam. The proctor not only witnesses the exam, but also provides technical support to get a student back up and running as quickly as possible in the event of a technical problem.

How is online proctoring used in EKU eCampus courses?
Examity provides multiple levels of proctoring, each with a higher level of human involvement. The typical scenario is one where every student is authenticated by a reliable process. This means students must prove to be who they claim to be. Once authenticated, the student will then take his or her exam in front of a human proctor. The recording from the exam is then independently reviewed and then made available to the instructor.

My Instructor told me I must sign up for proctoring in one or more exams. How do I get started?

  1. Click the Examity Link in their course shell, typically located in the course menu.
  2. Complete the online registration process.
  3. Reserve an exam time within the window given by the instructor.
  4. Verify your computer meets Examity’s minimum system requirements. Contact the company if you have further questions.
  5. That’s it. Connect to Examity 15-20 minutes prior to the proctoring appointment date/time.

What are the system requirements to use Examity?

  1. You must use a computer with an ordinary monitor (i.e., a desk  or lap ). Mobile devices (phones or tablets) will not work with Examity.
  2. You must have a webcam, and you must be able to move the webcam (or the lap  or monitor) to show your entire working space.
  3. You must have a microphone (which is now routinely built in to lap s and desk  monitors).
  4. Your Internet connection must have a download “speed” of at least 3 Mbps in both directions (download and upload). You can test your connection speed at  http://speedtest.net or http://speedof.me . If your download connection speed is less than 3 Mbps, find another computer or location with a suitable connection, or ask your instructor about other options for the test environment.
  5. Your browser’s pop-up blocker must be disabled for examity.com.
  6. It is best to limit the number of browser plugins installed.
  7. You are not allowed to wear a headset during the exam.

May I use a tablet or other device to take the exam?
Unfortunately, no. Blackboard is not completely compatible with such devices, and neither is the technology Examity utilizes.

What is an exam window?
This is the period of time between when the exam opens and closes per your instructor. Some instructors have a fairly long window (a week or more). For others, the window is fairly short (a few days or less). See your instructor if you have questions about this.

How much does Examity cost?
Most instructors at EKU utilize the most feature-rich authentication and proctoring level Examity provides. The cost at the time of this writing for the highest proctoring level is $17.50 per hour and $7 for each additional hour. For example, at the time of this writing, a two hour exam will cost you $24.50. Note: This price is set by Examity and subject to change without notice.

What happens if I miss my exam proctoring appointment?
You will pay the full price for the exam you scheduled and must pay to register again, possibly at a premium price. Please see the next question.

What happens if I register late?
We encourage you to register well in advance of the beginning of the exam. This gives you the most choice in terms of time slots relative to your exam window. Students across the country schedule exams through Examity. Registering early ensures you get your preferred exam slot.
If you begin the registration process very soon before the start of your exam window, Examity reserves the right to charge an additional convenience fee. Contact Examity for more details.

What happens on the date of the exam?
The student will connect to Examity within his or her course and begin the validation process.
Note: it is very important that students remember their Examity security questions exactly as they entered them during registration. Students who cannot answer part or all of the security questions may be denied entrance into the exam and may forfeit their registration fee.

What happens if I forget my login credentials or security questions?
You will not be allowed to take your exam. Therefore, it is very important that you remember your login credentials and Examity security questions exactly as you typed them in order to complete the authentication process.

What if something goes wrong during the exam?
It is important to have a phone accessible (but not within your immediate work space). The proctor will attempt to contact you by the phone number you provided during registration. You may also call 855-Examity (855-392-6489), Option 1 and tell the agent you are having a problem with your exam.
The proctor will work with you to try to get back into the exam. It is important to follow all the proctor’s instructions.
In the event you are unable to finish the exam, your instructor will be notified. We also encourage you to contact your instructor immediately after the exam or after the proctor determines you will not be able to continue so that you may work out an arrangement with your instructor.

What if my Internet speed is not sufficient?
The nature of this service requires a reliable high speed connection. You must find a suitable location in order to take your exam. Understand a public area (such as a restaurant or some library common areas) will not satisfy the general proctoring security requirements. If you have a special need, you must discuss this with your instructor far in advance of the exam.

What should I do if I have additional questions?
For questions purely about the Examity process, contact Examity via their web site (http://examity.com) or at 855-392-6489, press option 1.
For questions about Blackboard, contact the IT service desk (859-622-3000), your instructional designer, or your instructor.