Course Template

The IDC has created an easy-to-use template for online courses not supported by eCampus. Simply download the Course Export Package, linked below, and then import it into your course site (import tutorial provided below).

Course Export Package

Before downloading and importing the template, ensure that you have no content in the destination course shell. Content areas like Announcements, Tools, and Help will be duplicated, otherwise. Some deletion of menu items may be required, depending on what content you have in the course menu prior to importing the package file.

Download the Export Package – Note: your web browser may attempt to block download of this .zip file. Contact EKU IT or your instructional designer for assistance.

Importing the Course Package

Handout | PowerPoint Presentation

View a tutorial about importing your package to your Blackboard course site (original course view).

Handouts and PowerPoint Presentations will download automatically.