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Instructional Development Center

Certificate Program in Online Course Development and Teaching

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Session dates: February 12 - April 13, 2018

The Office of e-Campus Learning is offering a Certificate Program in Online Course Development and Teaching. Having studied a number of quality professional development and training programs and researched best practices, The Instructional Design Center (IDC) has developed a professional development certificate program designed to encourage and support best practices in online teaching.

Dr. Alice Jones - Google Earth Navigation Basics

google earth navigation

This week, we will be taking a look at Dr. Alice Jones and her screencast of Google Earth Navigation Basics.

View the presentation

Dr. Audrey Brock - Linear Regression

linear regression

In this multimedia presentation, students can watch videos by clicking on different parts of a linear regression equation. This presentation was created using studio video and Thinglink to assemble the final product.

Click Here to view the presentation

Dr. Jess Stanfill Hall - MLA Interactive Image

MLA thinglink interactive

Dr. Jess Stanfill Hall used Thinglink to make an interactive exercise reviewing MLA style. This interactive exercise includes other reference images and video explaining MLA concepts. Thinglink is often used to detail more information about images in the form of hyperlinks, text, images, and video.

Click here to view the exercise

Dr. Amber Chatelain - History of the American Family

history of the american family

Dr. Amber Chatelain produced a TimelineJS presentation about the History of the American Family before 1776. This interactive timeline allows users to interact with items on the timeline, displaying information and explanations.

Click here to view the timeline

Dr. Chengyl Zhang - CON 121 Introduction to Construction Thinglink Interactive

flowchart introduction to construction eku idc

This week, we are featuring Dr. Chengyl Zhang's Thinglink interactive from CON 121 Introduction to Construction. Thinglink is used to provide information within images by hovering over bullet points. Other items, such as video and other images, can be included within hover boxes.

View the presentation

Dr. John Wade - Introduction to the Aggregate Demand/Aggregate Supply Model

john wade eku lightboard idc

This week, Dr. John Wade uses our lightboard technology to explain the aggregate demand and aggregate supply model. The lightboard is an easy way to explain processes and ideas by simply treating it as a whiteboard or chalkboard when lecturing.

Click here to view the video

Life of a Product - Dr. Leslie Vincent

life of a product

In this multimedia presentation, Dr. Leslie Vincent explains the life of a product using PowToon, an easy-to-use video engine featuring animation and images.

Click here to view the video

Guitar Introduction - Dr. Karin Sehmann

guitar introduction idc eku

We are featuring Dr. Karin Sehmann's ThingLink presentation Guitar Introduction. ThingLink provides a way for students to interact with images, showing more information, such as web sites, video, and text.

Click here to view the interactive

Improvement Plan - Dr. Elizabeth Crane

elizabeth crane improvement plan eku idc

Join us today as we take a look at a PowToon video created by Dr. Elizabeth Crane. This video provides instructions and guidance on creating an improvement plan for departments or grade levels.

Click here to view the video

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