Instructional Design Center

Online Course Development and Teaching Certificate

eCampus Instructional Design Center is offering a third Online Course Development and Teaching Certificate Program. You can read more about it and apply for the certificate program here

2015 eCaps Award Winners

The Award for Excellence in Instructional Design Nominees

  • Chris Daniel
  • Mike Johnson
  • Deborah Lloyd
  • Jennifer Perkins
  • Kara Renfro
  • Nedim Slijepcevic
  • Esther Tattershall

The Award for Excellence in Course Design Nominees

  • Dr. Paula Jones
  • Dr. Laura Clarke and Dr. Nedim Slijepcevic
  • Dr. Scott Townsend and Jennifer Perkins
  • Dr. Michelle Gremp and Dr. Nedim Slijepcevic
  • Dr. Troy Rawlings and Mikah Pritchard
  • Dr. Alison Connell and Chris Daniel
  • Dr. Fontaine Sands and Kara Renfro
  • Dr. Wanju Huang

Instructional Design Services

E-Campus Instructional Design Center provides EKU faculty members with instructional support throughout the entire teaching and learning process for undergraduate, graduate, online courses.  Our mission is working with faculty members to create learning experiences for students that are relevant and interactive, that foster academic achievement and the development of critical thinking skills that result in lifelong learning.  This is done by sharing instructional strategies and innovative resources that are grounded in learning theory and guided by the principles of instructional design.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Consulting with faculty members on an individual basis regarding the design and development of their courses.
  • Consulting with departments regarding online program design and development.
  • Providing instructional multimedia production services (see Instructional Media Services).
  • Developing and conducting workshops and professional development sessions.
  • Gathering and distributing “best practices” in distance learning (see Faculty Resources).

Our services are available for e-campus programs and general university courses.

Instructional Design Process

The faculty member is invited to discuss a new or existing course with an Instructional Designer.  The objective of the discussion is to create a new course or revise elements of an existing course.  Resulting options may be incorporated into the course based upon the decisions of the course instructor.  IDC staff members including media specialists are then brought in as needed to produce course elements.

Solutions are generated as a result of discussions between the Instructional Designer and the faculty member.  The solutions are developed as a result of a collaborative team that may include, for example, a multimedia producer as well as the instructional designer.  The resulting course product is based upon principles of quality course design.

Often a course is already being offered and an instructor desires an “objective eye” to assist in an informal evaluation of the course.  In addition, IDC personnel will assist in the more formal evaluation of existing courses.